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Daylight illumination technology

Daylight illumination is significant because it makes a major contribution to physical well-being and 'comfort'. It is also an essential element in production halls. The level of daylight illumination is considered to be adequate if the illumination of the darkest workstation is at least 60% of required level of illumination from artificial light as specified by the relevant standards.

When calculating the level of illumination, it is necessary to take into account that daylight is only available during certain periods of time on specific floors and at specific workstations due to daily and seasonal fluctuation. This variable level of daylight illumination is often viewed as advantageous and to be essential for certain biological functions.

The range of GAL lighting components / systems now includes new, multifunctional elements for daylight architecture (lighting, natural ventilation, natural smoke and heat extraction). They provide evenly-distributed, dazzle-free daylight illumination and are suitable for commercial, municipal and industrial buildings.

The large-dimensioned systems open up entirely new design possibilities.