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Series GL-BS

The GAL multipurpose ventilator.
Natural ventilation - automatic fire ventilation - daylight illumination.

Like all of our multipurpose ventilators, the Series GL-BS models have a certificate of conformity that enables their use for smoke and heat extraction applications.

This system enhances the quality of air and lighting at the workplace, thereby contributing to improving safety and saving energy.

The GAL high-capacity multipurpose ventilators in the Series GL-BS are not only useful in the event of fire, they also enhance room climate quality through weather-independent natural ventilation. The ventilators have an optimised aerodynamic shape, deliver high extract air volume and guarantee permanent ventilation, even in rainfall. In the event of fire, the system automatically and effectively exhausts smoke and heat from the building. The coefficient of discharge Cv0 Cv0 is 0.35 for standard ventilation and 0.75 when the flaps are fully opened in the event of fire or weather conditions without rainfall. Particularly when heat loads are low to medium, this ventilator is a modern alternative to conventional labyrinth ventilators, which are associated with system-specific disadvantages and low aerodynamic effectiveness.

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