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Series LU air intake louvre - at the forefront of progress.

GAL has developed an entirely innovative type of louvre, Series LUE / LUE-F and LUD, that sets standards for the future. It is suitable for both architectural and industrial applications.

The novel design of the aerodynamically optimised blade profiles was developed on the basis of an aircraft wing profile and tested at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in Göttingen. It enables maximum air intake capacity and optimum rain-tightness.

The coefficient of discharge Cv0 of 0.43 with a rain-tight position of 45° speaks for itself. This new louvre model with stormproof blades is still effective when installed in highly exposed locations where high wind speeds can occur.

The louvres can be individually adapted to match the architecture or colour of the building facade.


  • Series LUE-F - the fixed blade version, is suitable for large-scale air supply systems due to its extremely favourable aerodynamic properties and its excellent rain-tightness.
  • Series LUE-R, the operable version, can be fitted with the optional extra of integrated lip seals on the blade profile and with side frame block seals (special aluminium profile with inserted brush seal) to minimise leakage losses.
  • Series LUD-R - the double-skin, operable version has blades made of hollow extruded aluminium. This increases torsional rigidity and static load capacity, and enables the attainment of large span widths.
  • Series LUD-A, the double-skin, operable version, has a sound absorbing lining.

>> Download - Data sheet LUE-F >>
>> Download - Data sheet LUE-R >>
>> Download - Data sheet LUD-R >>
>> Download - Data sheet LUD-A - will be available soon >>