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Series RIF-A with sound absorbing extras

The cost-effective ventilation and sound insulation solution.

The configuration of this sound attenuated gravity roof ventilator is based on the basic Series RIF. These ventilators are used for applications with high noise reduction requirements in buildings with high specific heat loads or extensive heat sources. The ventilator shaft and the flow guide roof are cladded with non-combustible sound absorbing slabs.

The Series RIF-A sound attenuated gravity roof ventilators are tested in the echo chamber and subjected to large-scale noise tests. These tests and measurements are essential to precisely ascertain and guarantee noise reduction properties for frequencies within audition limits. Series RIF-A gravity roof ventilators attain a sound insulation factor R’w of 14 dB to 24 dB and a coefficient of discharge Cv0 of 0.65 to 0.78.

They offer an optimum combination of high aerodynamic coefficient of discharge Cv0 and maximum noise reduction efficiency.

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